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2016.08.21 Released the new songbook for the contemporary Native American flute. It has been completely re-typeset with improved musical notation. The songbook's index has been reorganized into categories that make it easier to find melodies. This is in preparation of doubling the songbook's size in the coming couple of years. Also these changes are paving the way for adding duets, flute choir, children songs and guitar/piano accompaniment.

Also the entire website has been refurbished to simplify our future efforts to support a modern range of handheld to desktop devices. This required changing over 400 web pages, mostly by hand. In the process of this, quite a few of the essays were edited to bring them up to date. Initially you will see more colorful graphics, easier to read fonts, and higher quality graphics. In the long term, these changes will show off foundation's community projects.

2016.08.10 Added New logo to website, Facebook, and Twitter. Finished the conversion of the website to FluteTree.org. The month of July was spent on re-typesetting the old songbook. Numerous corrections and additions have been made. It is currently in the hands of our proofreader. If all goes smoothly, the new songbook will be up in about two weeks.

2016.06.16 Revised Mission statement and list of personnel.

2016.05.31 The Board of Directors of the FluteTree Foundation will be meeting June 14 - June 16, 2016 to create strategic business plans, programs, and projects for the foundation.

In preparation for that meeting, we want to hear from YOU how we can best support the flute community.

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2016.05.28 The "Renaissance of the Native American Flute Foundation, Inc." has renamed itself to the FluteTree Foundation and has become the new steward of the FluteTree website. FluteTree Foundation plans to continue the fourteen year tradition of providing free and useful content to the flute community.

In the past there has been some confusion in the names of two organizations: RNAFF, the non-profit foundation with its bi-annual convention, and the independent RNAF (that's with one F) workshops that are held annually in Montana for over 20 years. To avoid such future confusion, RNAFF board of directors in cooperation with FluteTree's original steward, who is also on the board, have legally renamed RNAFF to FluteTree Foundation. The newly revised flutetree.org site will continue to exist even though we are a non-profit, because so many websites point to it. A flutetree.org site will appear shortly with the same content. At the same time, we are harmonizing these changes with facebook and twitter.

If you like what we are doing here, please feel free to donate the FluteTree Foundation. It is tax deductible.

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