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Contemporary Native American Flute

This songbook contains 106 melodies (plus several additional variations) that are accessible to the contemporarily tuned flutes that are made by Native Americans or inspired by them. If the tuning of your flute is described as Minor Key or Minor Pentatonic, then this songbook should be of immediate use. Additional tunings can be found in other flute songbooks found on Flutetree.

Because different makers have chosen slightly different fingerings for their flutes, this songbook has a unique ability to switch between different fingering styles. In the upper righthand corner of each song, you will find the controls that will allow you to switch between fingerings. Also some of the melodies have recordings that can be found by pressing the musical note icon .

When a note icon is pressed, a text box will appear which contain additional links to recordings. Many recordings are MIDI files and are recorded in three common flute keys, which aids in playing along with the melody. Some pieces are from albums. In this case, the links will be to external sites which the material is available for purchase. Other pieces are recorded as MP3, which is a bit more natural sounding than the MIDI recordings. Pressing the icon again will hide the text box.

There are many to thank for making this songbook possible.