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Flute Songbooks for Native American Flutes

The Renaissance of the Native American flute led to a new generation of flute makers that blended historic flute designs with contemporary standards in tuning and musical scales. For the first time, this standardization created the opportunity where flute players could share songs in a written form. Some would write their songs as a series of pictures of which holes are open and closed. Other's would go on and use a new tablature that R. Carlos Nakai derived from modern music notation. During the early stages of development, flute players would share photo-copies of their favorite songs. Some would go onto publishing songbooks that could be sold at flute events or in music stores. With the rise of the Internet and World Wide Web has led to new means of sharing songs in written form. The following catalog includes a songbook hosted here on Flutetree, indexes to songs that are found in published books, and song collections found elsewhere on the web.